Bohemia Restaurant

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Downtown Hackensack is open for business! Whether you are looking to dine out, bring home a freshly prepared meal, or relax with a quick cup of coffee, there is something for everyone on Main Street. Bohemia Restaurant is proud to be a part of the community of restaurants, cafes and grocers.

Meet the Merchant:  "I’m originally from Ecuador. I came here by myself at the age of 19 and started working in restaurants—Japanese, Italian, Latin—and I learned a lot. I went to college for business administration, but I like to cook and when the chance came to buy this place, I went for it. I wanted to do Latin fusion food, so we have dishes from different countries in South and Central America. Tacos, ceviche, fajitas, a lot of salads. I make an avocado salad with tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, salt, pepper, lime, Romaine lettuce, and mango—it’s a big seller. About half of our customers are Latino, half not. We just expanded and put in a big new kitchen and a new counter, plus we have two dining rooms. Hackensack is definitely coming up. There’s construction going on all the time. The best thing about doing business here is seeing the variety of families who come in. Business is never slow. I have high hopes and expectations for Hackensack." – Jorge Suquitana

 Hours: Mon - Sun 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

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November 2, 2020